To register your dog please be sure you've read everything on the "Information" page. Once you've done that then please provide the following information in an email:

- Show name (for example Sierra Kaweah)
- Call name (for example Wylie)
- Birthdate

- Two good quality photographs. Both images must be over 400 X 400 px. Phone quality pictures are not ideal, but acceptable. Remember judges can't see how lovely your dog is without a good photo! Discretely watermarked images are fine

Please provide a stacked photograph of your dog. It must be a side shot with the dog looking straight ahead (not at the photographer) standing straight and not in movement. You may need a friend to help.

Please provide a head shot of your dog. This must be a head on photograph with the dog looking at the photographer. See below for examples

New Dog Registration Form

Your Name


Dog's Show Name (ex: Sierra Kaweah)

Dog's Call Name (ex: Wylie)

Registration Type


Dog's Birthday (Format MM/DD/YYYY)

Once you click Send you'll be directed to a email page of some sort (depending on which email service you are using). Make sure to attach both pictures to the email!


Send all entries to