Information and FAQ's

FAQ's are HERE.

Only TDR registered Tamaskan dogs are allowed to enter in Tamaskan Classes. If you aren't sure if your dog is considered TDR registered then please contact me. Dogs from Blustag USA (aka RightPuppy Kennel) are automatically placed into the look-alike class. Dogs from Blustag / Blufawn purchased after 2012 are also not permitted to enter Tamaskan classes, but are welcome to the look-alike class.

Point System

How do points work? Well points depend on the number of dogs in the class that are beaten. For example if your dog's class only has one dog, you won't get any points. However if your class has 8 dogs and your dog wins then you'll get the maximum amount of points (5). Winners dogs will also collect points from the previous class. For example if your dog wins winners dog, you would get 3+5 points (8).

Place Points
1st in Class Up to 3 Points
2nd in Class Up to 2 Points
3rd in Class Up to 1 Point
Winners Dog Total = total of dogs in show up to 5 Points
Reserve Winners Dog Total = total of dogs in show up to 3 Points
Winners Bitch Total = total of dogs in show up to 5 Points
Reserve Winners Bitch Total = total of dogs in show up to 3 Points
Best in Show 10 Points
Reserve Best in Show 8 Points
Best Puppy in Show 10 Points


Real life shows will not count for points in the online show. This was previously allowed but it's unfair to others who can't have access to a show and therefore can't have an even playing field.


Class Age Groups
Minor Puppy 0 months - 6 months
Puppy Dog 6 months - 12 months (male)
Puppy Bitch 6 months - 12 months (female)
Yearling Dog 12 months - 24 months (male)
Yearling Bitch 12 months - 24 months (female)
Junior Dog 24 months - 3 years (male)
Junior Bitch 24 months - 3 years (female)
Adult Dog 3 years - 5 years (male)
Adult Bitch 3 years - 5 years (female)
Graduate Dog 5 years - 7 years (male)
Graduate Bitch 5 years - 7 years (female)
Open Dog 7 years - 9 years (male)
Open Bitch 7 years - 9 years (female)
Veteran 9 years +
Look-Alike Junior 0-2 years
Look-Alike Open 2+ years


Breeder points

Each breeder will get one point for every dog they've bred that places. Blustag And Blufawn will not get breeders points since they are no longer TDR registered breeders.

Want to be a judge?

Judges must be impartial towards all dogs and must rate fairly. When you're a judge your dog will not be counted for that show if you have a dog entered. Judges must have a good to excellent knowledge of the Tamaskan as a breed and it's standard. To apply to be a judge you can email me and we can assign you a month.

Show dates

All entries must be completed before the first of each month. Shows are judged on the first and will be announced the first week of that month.

If your dog's image has not been updated for more than 18 months your dog will automatically be removed from the club unless you contact us to make other arrangements.

Dogs can not take part in Blustag and Blufawn's fake showing club in addition to the real showing club (here). It causes too much confusion and the real TDCH and all WTD titles will only be given through this club. All dogs that we find entered in both clubs will be removed from this one until their images / entries with the other club have been erased from their website.

Please support the real TDR, it's efforts, as well as my own, through this club.