Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my dog is elligible to enter? If you have a Tamaskan Dog that is registered with the TDR, then your dog can compete in the Tamaskan Classes. If your Tamaskan is one of the following they will be entered in the Look-alike class:
- From Blustag / Blufawn Tamaskan in the UK born after 2012
- From Blustag Tamaskan in the USA (aka rightpuppy kennel)
- From the Dutch / German Tamaskan Clubs
- Wolf-look-alike, or any breed of the sort

Why do I need to send in such specific pictures? Because this is all the judges have to go by. Remember we are judging for breed standard and wolfy attributes. 1 blurry / imporperly positioned picture isn't fair playing grounds. The stacked image and front facing image allows judges to see details like eye color, ear carriage, topline, etc. It's been noticed other showing clubs don't do this, and I can't see how that could possibly allow fair judging.

Isn't there another Tamaskan Showing Club? Technically, yes. However it is run by Blustag and Blufawn kennels in the UK and is comprised almost entirely of dogs that they've bred. Since neither breeder is a part of the actual TDR, I decided to make a showing club that is directly affiliated with the official club. Hopefully this makes sense. In layman's terms, this is the official club of the official registry. Please contact me if you would like more information on this subject.

How long does it take to enter my dog? Less than 5 minutes! Just use the register link along the sidebar and follow the instructions. It can take 1-3 business days for me to get the images and information online.

I'd like to be a judge, how do I apply? Simply click here to apply. All judges must have good / excellent knowledge of breed standard. We also require that you own or have owned a TDR Tamaskan.

When do results come out? Results for the month come out the first of that month. Results for the year will come out in December.

I want to change my dog's picture, how do I do that? Simply send an email to us and we'll change it asap. There is no limit on how often the images are changed, but please keep it reasonable.

More answers coming soon!